What we do at smartrunners?

We are a paris-based small group who wish to make an impact on the world by discovering raw talents in sports, concentrating on football at this moment, and helping them rise to prominence and gain momentum in the competitive nature of professional athleticism. We believe that the next best things are playing football with their friends or local teammates in every corner of the globe, so why not make it easier for them to come to the spotlight?

At SMART RUNNERS, we have clients and team members from all around the world. We put our trust in our players and we know by using our smart sensors and AI powered cameras, the benefit of the doubt is omitted since everything is crystal clear in our statistics. We're transmogrifying the way coaches, scouts and clubs can stay ahead of the game, using our innovative social network for analysing and rearranging team planning based on ability, potential and nothing but performance.

We have gigantic goals and we’re super passionate about achieving them, but what motivates us most is helping individuals follow their dreams and facilitate them to thrive and get recognized in their athletic career.